Cloud Hosting

The freedom to access your data anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Are you looking for a reliable and safe way to store your business’ data? If so, Cloud Hosting is the ideal solution. With Cloud Hosting, you can store all your data securely and access it from anywhere. Whether you’re at the office, a conference across the country or working from home, your data is safely stored and can be accessed at any time with any device.

How does Cloud Hosting work? With just an internet connection, you can login with your unique username and password to our secure managed server, which is where all your data lives. Within the server, you have the ability to perform all your business tasks as usual, no differently than storing it on your own computers’ hard drives. The difference lies in how the data is managed.


When you login to the server, the only information passed between you and Cloud Systems is your mouse and keyboard actions and screen refreshes. No stored data is sent between you and us. This keeps your data secure in our servers. If you make a change to any of your files, it’s automatically updated in our server. So, if your business ever has a power outage or issues with its computer systems, you can rest assured that your valuable data will be safe and secure in the cloud.

At Cloud Systems, we treat your data’s security with the utmost care. Our server is located at our Network Operations Center. Using Closed Circuit Television, personalized access cards and 24-hour manned security, we ensure your data is as safe as possible. We also backup your data in multiple locations as a failsafe.

It is our mission and commitment to provide you with safe and reliable IT solutions. We stand by our core competency, network solutions, and are proud to offer enhanced services with a secured managed server in Vancouver.

Cloud Hosting will revolutionize how you manage your information technology and ultimately how you run your business by providing efficient and cost-effective IT services. Let us show you how.

Learn more about what Cloud Hosting can do for your business by calling us today at 778-371-0853.